Sterling Volunteer

Sterling Volunteer

In an effort to keep all children as safe as possible, all parents need to complete a Sterling Volunteer Check.  In the past we have asked parents to complete this if they planned to be a part of a field trip or volunteer at school.  COVID is still with us, but in an effort to be proactive, we are asking that each parent go ahead and complete this check.  The check is good for three years, so if you have completed it within the past two years you are fine.  If you are not sure it was actually completed, please let Mrs. Petty (front office) know and we can check on it and let you know.


  1. Website –
  2. Choose 1st Time Registrant 
    1. Please note that there is an option for Spanish
  3. Choose AL (Alabama) as your state.
  4. Choose Gulf States Conference as your conference.
  5. Create your account.
  6. Choose Hoover Christian School as your location.
  7. Answer the questions and watch the videos.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this useful tool we have in place for the safety of our students.

Lori Abbott

HCS Principal