Our Thoughts On Common Core

Hoover Christian School (HCS) is accredited through NCPS (National Council of Private Schools), MSA (Middle States Association) and AAA (Adventist Accrediting Association). In conjunction with AAA our school has developed the following statement regarding Common Core. If you would like to look at the full document regarding Common Core, please review the information on this link.

“Standards in education are a statement of what students should know (content knowledge) and be able to do (applicable skills) upon completing a course of study.”

HCS has a long history of academic success utilizing partnerships with supportive parents and excellent faculty. HCS also recognizes blessing and providential leading from Jesus as we recognize the integral relationship in the school environment between faith and learning. HCS cites many positive anecdotal references of students and parents regarding the excellence of education through HCS as we educate for this world and for eternity.

Common Core is an establishment of minimums in education based on needs for college and careers.

“…As Adventist education standards are developed, educational research, professional subject area organizations, state standards, and Common Core State Standards have been referenced. The resulting standards inform students, parents, teachers, administrators, board members, and others that Adventist education meets or exceeds expectations for student learning, PreK-12. Adventist education, though, has always been about ‘something better,’ something more than meeting baseline expectations for student learning. . .The Adventist worldview accepts the Bible as the standard by which everything else is measured. . .[and] will always serve as the lens through which teaching and learning inspire our students to grow in wisdom and stature…”

HCS encourages the student to strive for the highest standards academically, spiritually and personally.  HCS and its students should never settle for “minimum.”

HCS recognizes there is much concern regarding the “who” in setting standards for our educational map, but we also recognize it is short-sighted to not acknowledge the impact of Common Core on our textbooks, curriculum, assessments and instruction. However, we also recognize that

“Standards identify the students’ learning destination, but much more is required to complete the educational journey. As goals for student learning, standards inform the development of curriculum, the implementation of instruction, and assessment for learning. Just as standards for student learning do not describe in full the students’ learning journey, they also do not alone give meaning to student learning. The big ideas and essential questions of life are developed from many sources.”

It is also important to remember that standards are only an outcome of curriculum that adds meaning and context to student learning. HCS’ curricular quality is just one of our strongest statements of academic excellence. Our qualified teachers use multiple resources in classroom curriculum to insure that students excel to the highest standards possible. Textbooks may be “Common Core Aligned,” but that is only one resource the teacher will be using as they set their subject curriculum. Our teachers will stay informed of common-core standards, but these standards will not drive the curriculum of our classrooms or school. As always, HCS will stay aware of education trends, but these trends will not define our curriculum.

In closing, by upholding the Adventist education standards of faith-based learning, maintaining a continuing awareness of educational trends, ensuring quality teachers, promoting a community of those desiring success for our students, and fostering a spiritual of Christianity at HCS, our curriculum and standards will always be successful in delivering students more than ready to meet academic and career challenges.