Spiritual Life

Hoover Christian School has a strong desire to make sure all of its students have multiple opportunities while a student to experience a great spiritual life. Besides the school staff choosing to actively ask God to be a part of the daily lives of the students as they walk in our door each day, many opportunities are given in each classroom. Collectively the school also provides three Come2Jesus Week during the school year. Two of these opportunities bring in a special speaker for the week to speak with K-6 and 7-12 students. The third opportunity is a student led Come2Jesus Week at the beginning of 2nd semester. This week is especially dear to the staff as students led in song, prayer, thought, and activity.


–reading, discussing, and acting Bible stories

–praising God in song during daily worship and spontaneously throughout the day

–memorizing Bible verses through activities or song, and written in students’ best penmanship for sharing

–connecting spiritual applications to other academic areas and to social interactions daily –praying at regular times as well as spontaneously


–praying for classmates

–looking up Bible verses

–hands-on Bible activities

–reading-alouds with a spiritual focus

–singing worship songs in the classroom


–listening to spiritual stories in daily worship and developing thoughts on how the message applies to them personally

–recognizing God in all curriculums: science, history, mathematics, etc

. –taking field trips in nature to explore God’s creations

–practicing Christianity in the classroom and on the playground.

*7-12 Science and Math

–praying for friends and classmates

–discussing complex issues that pertain to spiritual life

–developing an understand from both the Creation and Evolution perspective

–encouraging each other to make Christian decisions everyday

–highlighting students gifts and pointing out that God has a plan for each of their lives

–taking time to guide all students in their relationship with Christ –being open about my [teacher ] relationship with Christ and being like Jesus in my interactions with the students

*7-12 English and Business

–applying Bible stories to current life

–developing an awareness of the powerful Christian moral compass that should guide lives

–learning to use our words as a powerful tool for Jesus

–encouraging prayer as a conversation with Jesus


*7-12 History, Bible, PE

–reading the Bible in our classes

–including an understand of God’s love through Bible prophecy in history classes

–praying together each class period –encouraging students that our thoughts, actions, and words should reflect God character

–reminding students that Jesus loves us everyday and He is returning soon

*7-12 Fine Arts

–praying together

–encouraging students to show others Jesus through their drama skills

–creating art work that emphasizes the skills of wonder that Jesus gave us to enjoy all types of art

–developing an understanding that art should be an expression of our love to Jesus for the beauty He has placed around us

*7-12 Hand Chimes

–work as a team to make Christ-centered compositions

–find ways to express oneself through the power of music that can deepen their spiritual walk with God –develop musical skills that can serve God now and in the future