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Meet Alex, a 2020 graduate of Hoover Christian School. To understand Alex’s story of triumph, we have to go to the beginning. You see, Alex has Aspergers, a high-functioning form of autism. He has always been a little socially awkward. He started his education in public school like millions of other children, but his experience wasn’t like other children. By third grade we realized that Alex could not thrive academically or emotionally in public school where conformity is required to survive and thrive. We made the hard family decision to homeschool Alex which we continued through 8th grade. As high school approached, I knew that I could not take him further with my high school education. I prayed and prayed. I knew I could not put him back in an overcrowded public school to be lost and that many private schools would not accept children with disabilities. Every day I drove by Hoover Christian School. One day I decided to call. They had just got a new principal. Alex and I met with Lori and other high school teachers. My prayers were answered when they decided to take a chance on Alex. The growth spiritually, mentally, and academically in his 4 years at Hoover Christian School was something of which I had never dreamed. The diversity within the school gave him social perspective that most children do not get to experience. He is a better person and student from attending Hoover Christian School. He saw true Christian kindness, compassion, and mercy for the first time outside of his family unit. Alex is now a freshman in college where he earned an academic scholarship and made the President’s List in his first semester. Not only did Hoover Christian prepare Alex for a successful academic career in college, but it also prepared him to live life with a moral compass, a compassion for those less fortunate, and a willingness to fight for what is just and right.

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